7 Reasons to Start Exercising

Everyone can benefit from physical activity. If you have never exercised before, starting with a 10-minute walk as a light exercise is a great option. It will lead you to obtain many benefits; you could then slowly increase the pace and at the same time the difficulty and duration of the exercise.

It is better to exercise in small amounts than not exercising at all. We suggest starting with an activity that you enjoy and makes you feel comfortable.

What are the benefits of exercising?

  • Reduces the risk of heart disease, blood pressure, osteoporosis, diabetes, and obesity.
  • Keeps joints, tendons, and ligaments flexible, decreasing the chances of falling.
  • Reduces the discomfort of osteoarthritis.
  • Contributes to mental well-being and prevents depression.
  • Relieves stress and anxiety.
  • Increases energy and endurance.
  • Helps to maintain a healthy weight and accelerates metabolism.

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