ChallengeSet Potential FAQ Questions & Answers

1. Where is ChallengeSet On-Demand available?

i. ChallengeSet On-Demand is available online through the website; challengest.co.uk?

2. Are all ChallengeSet On-Demand activities available with the membership?

a.  All our activities are available with all of the All-Inclusive Membership Programmes, this includes the General Membership, Slimming Membership and Toning Membership Plans.

b. The Single Activity Membership Plans provide access to materials for a single activity of your chaice from our range of activities.

3. What do I get within a Membership plan

a. You get access to either all of the activities, or a singe activity, depending on the type of membership taken. In addition you get access to;

i. Fitness & nutrition guides

ii. Personal Instructors for booking individual sessions

iii.One2one Technique and fitness classes can be booked

4. Can I use my On-Demand membership on the go?

a.   Yes, you can use ChallengeSet On-Demand when you are on the go. Simply follow these steps:

  • Step One: Ensure that you have signed up for your ChallengeSet On-Demand Membership. You can sign up here.
  • Step Two: Do

5. Can I try a class or membership plan before I sign-up?

a.  With our 2 week free trial you can select a plan and try the sessions for free for 2 weeks, with no obligations or payment to make if you decide you didn’t want to go ahead.

6. How fit do I need to use ChallengeSet On-Demand?

a.   ChallengeSet On-Demand is suitable for anyone no matter your fitness level! Our instructors will provide variations in workouts and as it is on-demand, you can workout at your own speed.

7. What devices can I use to stream my On-Demand videos?

a.  Pcs, laptops, ipads, smart TVs, tablets or your mobile

8. What equipment do I need for On-Demand sessions?

a.  Generally just You! For any of our activities that require equipment, the list will be provided before you sign up. The equipment tends to be optional, such as weights to add a level of difficulty to your training.

9. How can I get ChallengeSet programmes in my organisation?

a.  Email our team at info@challengeset.co.uk

10. How can I become a ChallengeSet instructor?

a.  Glad to hear you would like to be apart of the team! Please email us your CV and we will proceed from there: info@challengeset.co.uk

11. I am pregnant, can I still do ChallengeSet workouts?

a.  We would recommend that you seek professional advice from your doctor or midwife as we do not have the best knowledge on your medical history. If you need the sessions tailored to better suit you, please do not hesitate to reach out: info@challengeset.co.uk

12. How do I freeze my membership?

a.  Email us with 4-weeks or more, before the date you want to freeze. You can freeze your membership for upto a 12 week period

13. How do I cancel my DD monthly membership?

a.  All you have to do is log into the members area, select account settings, payment options and then follow the instructions. We also recommend you to contact your bank and inform them to cancel the direct debit. Once the 2 week trial period is over, 4 weeks’ noticeis required for cancellations.

14. Can I upgrade or downgrade my membership?

a.  All you have to do is log into the members area, select account settings, membership options and then follow the instructions.

15. Can I restart my old membership?

a.  Yes you can. Simply log in to the member’s area using your old login details.

16. What are my membership options?

a.  We offer All Inclusive Memberships,this includes the General Membership, Slimming Membership and Toning Membership Plans.

b.  In addition we have Single Activity Membership Plans which provide access to materials for a single activity of your choice from our range of activities.

On the homepage are links to all our membership plans

17. Can I refer a friend?

a.  Of course you can!We generally offer incentives when you refer a friend and they sign up!

18. How do I book a personal training one2one session

a.  Through the website, we have the links across the top of the screen, there is a connection to the 1-2-1 sessions here.

19. How do I get access to support guidelines

a.  Support guidelines will be sent to you each month, with the information being tailored to your membership plan.

20. What are the support guidelines for?

a.  The guidelines provide a range of information and training guides. Including diet, nutrition, and training tips to help you achieve your goals

21. Do you have personal trainers for 1-2-1’s?

a.  Qualified personal trainers are available to enhance your workout experience, motivating you to achieve even better results. They can be viewed and booked through the 1-2-1 link at the top of the page.

22. How far in advance can I book a 1-2-1 class?

a.  You can currently book classes as soon as 7 days before.

23. I have a problem with my billing

a.   Please email your enquiry to info@challengeset.co.uk, or talk to us through the chat facility on the website.

24. How do I provide feedback or complain about my experience?

a.  Sorry to hear. Please contact us via email at info@challengeset.co.ukwith full details of the problem. A member of the team will get back to you as soon as possible!

25. Do you have to join online?

a.  Currently, yes, you do have to join online as we have no physical gyms.

26. Is there are minimum age to join ChallengeSet?

a.  The minimum age to use our facilities is 16 years old, however a responsible adult over the age of 18 would have to pay the direct debit, and assume responsibility for anyone under the age of 18.

27. Do you offer student discount?

a.  Yes we offer 25% student discount with valid Student cards.

28. Can I sign-up with a non-UK bank account?

29. Will there be anyone who can help me?

a.  Always! Simply reach out to us via email: info@challengeset.co.uk, or on the webosite through our chat facility, or by phone on 0116 279 5086

30. How much does it cost for a membership?

a.  After completion of the 2 week free trial period, our All-inclusive Memberships are £20 per month, and the Single Activity Memberships are £15 per month

31. Do I get a membership card?

a.  As we are an online company, you do not need a physical card but you will receive your own membership number and login details where you can access all your on-demand videos.

32. How do I pay?

a.  Payment is through a monthly direct debit. This is set up when you sign up for your membership.

33. When will my direct debit be taken?

a.   Your direct debit will be taken every month from the date of signing up i.e. if you sign up on June 10th, on the 10th of every month a direct debit will be taken from the chosen account. This may vary depending of public holidays.

34. What happens if I miss a direct debit payment?

a.  We will try and take the payment approximately 4 days after the original date of pay. If we are unable to take the payment the second time, you will lose access to your membership portal and so also all the content on the site.